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Qatar confirms sponsorship law amendment

Amendments to the sponsorship law can be expected any time soon. The amendment would be inclusive of provisions permitting transfer of sponsorship too. The Foreign Minister, HE Dr. Khalid bin Mohamed Al Attiyah, when speaking in Germany last week, talked about the measures being taken by Qatar to improve the living conditions of foreign workers.

The Chairman of National Human Rights Committee (NHRC), Dr. Ali bin Simaikh Al Merri, said that the government was about to receive recommendation of the special committee established by the State Cabinet to study the sponsorship issue.

A European Parliament delegation in Doha said that they had been informed about a forthcoming change in the sponsorship system. Qatar assigned an international company to study the situation of workers in Qatar, to find a strategy to improve their living conditions.

The Foreign Minister said that a report will be published soon on these issues and several people will be happy to learn about the content of the report. It would correct the current inappropriateness in the system and misapprehensions about Qatar.

Posted on 1/4/2014

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