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Three new parks opened to public in Doha

Three new parks have been opened to public early this week by the Public Gardens Department of the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) on the occasion of Qatar National Day.

The parks at Al Thumama East and Al Duhail were opened yesterday by the Public Gardens Department Director, Mohamed Ali al-Khouri, while the Al Shamal Park is to be opened on today.

The locations for the new parks have been decided taking into account the high population density in the respective areas. While Al Duhail Park falls within the jurisdiction of Doha Municipality, located north of Duhail area, and spans 6,579sqm, the family park will open during week days from noon to midnight and from 8am to midnight on Fridays. During the Holy month of Ramadan, the park will remain open from 1pm to 3am.

Al Duhail park has atleast 39 types of trees, shrubs, and perennial plants, apart from seasonal flowers. The park offers the public various amenities and services including water coolers, covered parking lots, kids play area, toilets, playgrounds for various games and shaded resting areas within the serenity of the greenery.

Al Thumama East Park, located within Doha City, occupies a space of 4,689sqm and is allocated for families. It has water coolers, toilets, covered parking lots, kids play area, playgrounds for various games, and covered resting areas, with the calmness of plant cover. The park has more than 37 types of various trees, shrubs and perennial, apart from seasonal flowers.

Al Shammal Park, located within the jurisdiction of Al Shamal Municipality, covering a space of 11,930 sqm, has about 2,822 sqm designated for various services like prayer rooms, guard’s room, toilets for men and women, a technical room, and a storeroom of 31sqm and 18sqm cafeteria. Also, there are ample green areas, bike tracks, passageways, kids play area and safe rubber surface. The park is equipped with spacious playgrounds and offers WiFi connectivity too.

All the parks have been established by the Public Gardens Department of the Ministry of Municipality and Environment.

Posted on 20/12/2016

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