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Qatar launches online service for expats to calculate end-of-service payment

The Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs launched a new electronic service which allows expat workers to calculate their end-of-service gratuity.

The ministry has provided a form for the purpose, to be filled in by the employee with information about date of start and end of the service, apart from basic salary, number of payable days per year, which is not less than three weeks as per the law.

The expat employee will have to enter the required data as per the valid job contract signed with employer and duration of the service.

The form can be easily accessed at, but, the service is now available only in Arabic language.

The service has been introduced to ensure greater transparency and to make foreign workers aware of their rights, the Ministry said.

The calculation is done in accordance with provisions of Law No.14 of 2004, the Ministry said. The law has been replaced by Law No.1 of 2015, but the Ministry website referred to Article 54 of the previous law, which remains unaltered.

The article states that apart from any sums to which the worker is entitled to upon expiry of his service, the employer shall pay end of service gratuity to worker, who has completed employment of one year or more.

This gratuity will be agreed upon by both parties, provided, it is not less than three-week wage for each year of employment. The worker shall be entitled to gratuity for fractions of the year in proportion to duration of employment.

The workerís service may be considered continuous if it is terminated in cases other than those stipulated in Article 61 of the Law and returned to service within two months of its termination.  The last basic salary would be the base for calculation of the gratuity. The employer can deduct from the gratuity any amount due to be paid by worker.

Posted on 31/1/2017

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