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Return Permit must for expats to re-enter Qatar if RP is lost

Henceforth, expatriates holding Qatari Residency Permit (RP) will also have to hold a Return Permit to re-enter the country, in case they happen to lose their Qatar ID card while abroad, the Ministry of Interior said.

The Ministry has urged all expatriates to carry their Qatari ID at all time as it their sole proof to show that the holder is a legal resident of Qatar, after the ministry stopped putting RP stickers on their passports.

The Minister has also asked expats to immediately report to the General Directorate of Passports at the Ministry, if they happen to lose their IDs while in Qatar or abroad.

The Assistant Director of Gen. Directorate of Passport, Brig. Nasser Jabr Al Atiyyah said that losing Qatari ID outside the country will make it more difficult for the resident to return, unless the authorities issue a Return Permit for the person.

Referring to Article No.15 of the law, which stipulates that in the event that a resident’s passport, travel document or Residency Permit is lost or damaged, the expat will have to inform competent authorities immediately and obtain a copy of that which was lost or damaged.

The Head of Residence Division at General Directorate of Passports, Brig. Muhammed Saleh Al Kuwari said that if the Residence Permit is lost within Qatar, the resident, his/her employer or representative of the company should approach any of the service centre of the Ministry, and seek a replacement.

The resident will have to fill in a ‘lost ID form’, submit passport for verification, and pay QR200 as fee for the ‘lost card’, which forms the requirement of issuing a new Residence Permit.

If the ID is lost out of Qatar, the resident should file a report in the country where it was lost, attest a report from concerned authorities in that country, and send a copy to the resident’s representative in Qatar for issuing Return Permit by paying QR200 as fee. The Permit will then be sent to the resident abroad to allow him to enter the country. On arriving in Qatar, the he can approach the Expatriate Affairs Department to complete the formalities for issuing a new ID.

The Ministry said that it has issued a circular to all concerned authorities across the world, and airlines that the ID card is the only supporting document for expats after cancellation of RP sticker on the passports.

The Qatari ID card should be shown at all airports, platforms, and airline desks to be allowed to travel to Qatar. The airline companies may check the validity and other information in the card through Interior Ministry’s website online.

Posted on 15/2/2017

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