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Amazing family packages for visitors at Magical Festival Village

Ezdan World Company, a subsidiary of Ezdan Holding group, is offering amazing offers and family packages at competitive prices until 30th April for visitors of Magical Festival Village.

The promotion includes Cirque Du Royal shows, games, and products from 357 commercial shops offering exclusive discounted brands. Cirque Du Royal has drawn thousands of visitors and features excellent performances, which include acrobatics, fire breathing, laser and balance games and the wheel of death, apart from horse taming.

The circus show will be held from Monday to Thursday, and two shows will be allotted for the weekend.

According to Ezdan World General Manager, Abdulaziz al-Mohannadi, the Magical Festival Village is the right destination for family entertainment in Qatar, as it offers competitive pricing to suit all segments of the society and meet their requirements. Shopping vouchers are available for games, circus shows and other products. Entry to the village is free.

The Magical Festival Village plays a key role in stimulating the local tourism sector, and draws more tourists from neighbouring countries. It is a special attraction for tourism, shopping and entertainment. For a special voucher of QR250 you can enjoy a meal at Alice Café and Restaurant, a QR75 circus ticket, a QR100 voucher for commercial outlets area and QR200 ticket for Virtual Reality (VR) games.

The Village also provides 29 VR exclusive games, which is the first of its kind in Qatar. Apart from Cirque Du Royal, the village features shows like Alice in Wonderland, Aladdin and Magic Lantern, Wizard of Oz, and Snow White, performed by a group of international artists. The village also provides festive parades and carnivals around its streets and avenues.

The Magical Festival Village is home to variety of games, Royal Horses, Gyroscopes, Skyview, the Roller Wheel, the 60-seat train, Space Trip, and a 1500sqm game hall.

Posted on 11/4/2017

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Amazing family packages for visitors at Magical Festival Village

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