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Driving license ban on certain job categories temporary

The General Directorate of Traffic has clarified that the ban on certain job categories to obtain licence was just a temporary measure and would be lifted once infrastructure projects are completed.

This comes as a relief to people who are concerned about their ineligibility to apply for driving license with the recent ban on certain job categories.

The Director of the General Directorate of Traffic, Brig. Mohammed Saad Al Kharji, said that the ban on various job categories to apply for driving license is a temporary decision and not a permanent one. This is because several roads are under construction and development, and hence the department excluded certain job categories from securing licenses, particularly the categories in which cars are not necessary for their professions.

Once the construction of roads is completed, the banned professions can apply for driving licenses. In fact, it is not a ban, rather it is just a temporary decision, he emphasized.

The General Directorate at the Ministry has banned about 180 job categories from obtaining driving licenses.

The job categories that are banned from securing a driving license includes categories such as newspaper vendors, grocer, servant, barber, cosmetologist, porter, security guard, shepherd, tailor, butcher, goldsmith, agricultural worker, decoration technician, beautician, mining technician, mechanic etc.

To address traffic jams, various roads and bridges are soon likely to open within next two months.

Posted on 26/10/2017

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