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Qatar announces free cancer treatment for its residents

A senior official with Hamad Medical Corportation (HMC) Oncology Department revealed that treatment of cancer will be free for all residents in Qatar henceforth.

Dr. Osama Al Homsi, the Chairman and Senior Consultant at HMC’s National Centre for Cancer Care and Research said that treatment at HMC is free for all residents.

Earlier, the state covered 80 percent of Oncology treatment for resident patients, while the rest 20 percent was paid for by the cancer patient. Now, the remaining 20 percent is also provided free to citizens and residents, he pointed out.

"With continuous progress in treatment of tumors and medicine in general, we are eager to bring everything new in the treatment of tumors, particularly with regard to drugs, especially immunological drugs, which have a good impact controlling diseases. With plenty of researches happening in this area, it leads to positive results. We are ready to import any medicine required for the health of our patients to be included in the list of recognized medicines in the country," he explained.

Offering free treatment to all patients would help many patients, as the 20 percent amount can be very large, given, the huge cost of cancer drugs. Dr. Al Homsi appreciated this decision made by the State and expressed his happiness.

As per statistics, the proportion of Qataris receiving treatment abroad has reduced considerably over the past years, with many now willing to receive treatment in Qatar.

Posted on 29/3/2018

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