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New luxurious resort project to come up along Qatar coast

Plans are underway to construct a semi-submerged luxurious resort project, worth $500mn or more, along the Qatar coast, featuring both land and sea developments, including massive hotels with underwater rooms resembling super-yachts.

Designed by the renowned Italian group, ‘Giancarlo Zema Design Group’, the Amphibious 1000 is likely to come up in the middle of a marine reserve. The project will include 80 ‘jelly-fish’ self-contained floating suites, with each of them having an underwater ácquarium lounge’.

As for transportation around the resort, the guests can depend on the hydrogen-powered 20 meter aluminium yachts, with underwater viewing areas.

This new resort will stretch horizontally across a kilometre and resembles the Dubai’s Palm Island. In fact, it is more like a big aquatic animal, stretching out from the land into the sea, extending horizontally for more than a kilometre, says Giancarlo Zema.

The museum, floating walkways, restaurant with panoramic views, aquariums and exhibitions will be on land, while a glass tunnel will lead to the underwater observatory positioned in the centre of the marine park. The resort will be completely in harmony with the nature.

Posted on 8/8/2011

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