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Ministry to mandate stringent measures for work visas

The Ministry of Labour in Qatar is undertaking several measures to ensure that the companies seeking work visas do not misuse the privilege, or abuse the rights of foreign workers.

The Ministry now plans to mandate submission of workers’ salary records for the past three months, from firms seeking work visas. This is hoped to keep a tab on firms trying to gain access to work visas for any illegal trade or malpractices.

The Ministry will first inspect whether the company seeking work visas actually requires it or not, and whether they have a suitable accommodation meant for workers. Therefore, the labour officials will first inspect the lodging facilities for workers before granting visas for recruitment of foreign workers.

Further, the Ministry officials will also check for health and safety conditions in the workplace, to ensure if they comply with the law.

The Ministry will also verify if they can recruit a national for the available vacancy before permitting the company to hire a foreign worker.

The Ministry plans to set up more branches outside Doha, to avail and implement these services with ease. These branches will be given job contract endorsement and inspection permits. They can also receive applications from companies for recruitment of foreign workers and process requests from individuals for family and visit visas.

Posted on 8/8/2011

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