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Final draft on sponsorship law underway

The final draft of sponsorship law will be ready by the year-end, with more reforms in labour practices in the country in pipeline, announced a government statement yesterday.

The statement also said that the government was finding ways to address any dishonest recruitment practises in the source countries, a decision taken in the interest of foreign workers who are being recruited for jobs in Qatar.

Remittances from foreign workers in Qatar touched $14bn last year, in support of about 1.3mn families worldwide, said the statement.

The Qatari cabinet is in the process of preparing the final draft of 'kafala' reform legislation, which will be ready by the year-end. The new law is a majore reform of kafala (sponsorship) labour contract system, the statement said.

In the coming months, the government will consider more reforms to labour practices in the country, it said.

The statement came amidst concerns about much-awaited sponsorship law, following the exception by Advisory Council to some major articles in the draft law.

The statement also said that Qatar is very grateful to those who have come from foreign lands to help in building the nation. Their labour and human rights need to be respected, the statement said.

Referring to the government’s plans to curb dishonest recruitment practices in the home countries of expatriate workers, the Communication Office sad that Qatar has an established legislative process which government the creation and revision of its laws. The process is aimed to accommodate and balance different points of view.

Posted on 2/7/2015

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