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Qatar - largest investor in global real estate sector

Qatar is the largest investor from Middle East into the global real estate sector last year. Driven by Sovereign Wealth Fund (SWF), Qatar invested $4.9bn in international commercial real estate sector.

Saudi Arabia too, has emerged as a significant source of capital. From almost nothing reported in the year 2013, Saudi Arabian investors spent $2.3bn on international commercial real estate in 2014, says latest research from CBRE Group, the global property advisor.

London continued to be the main beneficiary of the capital outflow of the Middle East in the real estate sector last year. However, while retaining the top spot, London was no-longer as dominant with a 32 percent share of all Middle East outbound investments in 2014, in comparison to 45 percent in 2013.

In the year 2015, majority of Middle Eastern capital was seen targeting the US. In the first quarter of this year, $5bn was invested globally, and this was split between Europe and America, with New York and Miami and Washington featuring strongly.

As per the research Middle East would continue to remain one of the most important sources of cross-regional capital in the global real estate market. The weakening oil prices, while being a negative event, has also had some positives. It has triggered a huge Middle Eastern investor base and the need for international diversification, the research said.

The CBRE analysis also noted that the sector preferences of Middle East investors will grow more divers. Offices will continue to be the largest sector, but investments in hotels will also continue. Hotel acquisitions are in the second position, but would reflect more in the next one to one-and-half years.

Middle East will continue to be an important market maker in global commercial real estate, CBRE report said.

Posted on 14/10/2015

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