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Places to Visit in Doha Qatar

Clock Tower

Located adjacent to the Grand Mosque, the old clock tower features Arabic numerals on its face. Located on the hill, it offers wonderful views of the Corniche.

Doha Heritage Village

Located along the Corniche in Al Rumeilia Park, it is a skanzen based on traditional Qatari village. The visitors get to see pearl trading, weaving, and a dhow, apart from holding festivals and activities.

Souq Waqif

This renovated Arabic market quarter is another place worth visiting, and features spice shops, textile shops, souvenirs, falcons, and there are also places to sit down to smoke a Sheesha and good restaurants surrounding the place.

Cultural District

Located in the West Bay area, this huge cultural city hosts roman style public auditorium, galleries, museums, libraries, and more such cultural attractions.

Heritage Library

This has more than 50,000 books in Arabic and other languages in Qatar and Middle East, apart from 600 antique maps, 2000 manuscripts, 6000 original photos, all of which form the collection by Sheikh Hassan Bin Mohamed Al Thani in 1979. It is also one of the biggest research centers in the Middle East.

Virginia Common wealth University Qatar’s gallery (VCU-Q)

Located in the heart of the city and the region, with an extraordinarily vibrant and diverse cultural heritage, this gallery in education city regularly hosts visiting exhibitions, work of faculty members and students, and the gallery is open to general public. The university plays a central role in modern cultural life of Qataris and people in Middle East. The collection include Arab manuscripts, foreign language section dating back to 15th century,20th century books on art and politics, a studio, and computer laboratory.


corniche doha qatar
The visual highlight of Doha is Al-Corniche, a long sea-side promenade that curves across Doha bay, rendering eye-catching views of Palm Tree Island and the skyscrapers in the city. It is also a good place for jogging, although cycling is prohibited. There are several parks adjacent to the corniche that are ideal for families, several statues. Worth noting is the giant statue of Orry, the Oryx, who was the mascot for the 15th Asian games, to be held in Doha from 1st to 15th December 2006. Along the southern end of the Corniche is a large Oyster and Pearl statue, and there is a Water pots fountain adjacent to the Museum of Islamic Arts.


Being one of Qatar’s main onshore oil production centers, Dukhan is situated half-way along western coastline of Qatari Peninsula. There is an oil nerve center developed here after the exploitation of country’s oil reserves began in 1949.


Located 60km west of Doha, it has a purpose-built camel racetrack and is famous for camel races.

The Palm Tree Island

The Palm Tree Island is 10-minute boat ride away from Doha Corniche and is the focal point of Doha Bay. The island features fairground rides, water sports, quad bike track, and camel tracks. But, these attractions is to have been removed now, although tourists and locals still visit the place to take dhow boats over to the island and relax in the sun. There are some good cafes and inexpensive seafood lunch available at the restaurant. The island has several amenities for family and children, a restaurant that offers seafood and barbecue meals, a café, and a jetty for traditional Dhow boats.

Khor Al Udaid Beach

The beach is located along the south-eastern part of the country, 78kms from Doha. The beach is distinguished by its fine sand dunes that are as high as 40meters in certain locations. Among the other good beaches in the country are Fuwairit, Dukhan and others.

Almaha Sanctuary

Almaha (oryx) farm has been established to protect the species of endangered desert deer. Almaha is the national symbol of State of Qatar.

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