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JBA & Partner

Bin Omran, Doha, Qatar 66693950 / (+974) 44675246 44911889 www.jbapartner.com
JBA&Partner is a certified accounting firm providing full range of financial services.
The company provides professional services for Audit & Assurance, TaxAdvisory, Valuation, Due diligence, Market research, feasibility study, Business Plan, CV certification and many others.

Our extensive knowledge in current and emerging laws and regulations, clear-cut service approach, upfront communications, and proactive response have bolstered our long-term clientele relations along with their unwavering trust.

We are an active member firm of JPA International, a worldwide network of independent firms. This allows us to benefit from the development of technical knowledge, distribution of software, exchange of experience and participation in multidisciplinary training programs.

Our physical presence for more than a decade in serving both local and international clients, profound global undertakings and multicultural exposures have made us become one of the recognized, respected professional firm and market researchers in Qatar.

In our recent expansion program towards MENA regions, we dedicate ourselves to continuously deliver value in what we do. From its establishment until now, JBA & Partner have strived for excellence and realized several feats, to highlight a few are:

We are licensed by the Ministry of Economy and Commerce to provide statutory audit, feasibility study, market research, and company valuation.
We are approved by Qatar Petroleum to provide ICV certification services.
We are licensed by Qatar Central Bank to perform external auditing services in Dohaon exchange companies.
We are shortlisted by Qatar Development Bank to provide advisory services.
We are licensed by the Qatar Supreme Court as an Insolvency Practitioner.
We are specialized in large government corporates liquidations.
We are approved by all financial institutions and Qatari Banks.

Please visit www.jbapartner.com for further details.

E: [email protected]
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