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Khor Al Udaid

In Land Sea Off Rd, Qatar
Khor Al Udaid is the most popular choice for those looking for the perfect beach getaway in the Middle East region.
Khor Al Udaid is considered as the desert marvel of Qatar and is located in a strategic location 80 km away in the south-east of Doha. The Khor Al Udaid Beach is very famous for its relaxing and tranquil environment where visitors can break away from the daily hassles of everyday life, and can simply exile themselves and go aboard on a soul searching journey.

Khor Al Udaid beach offer visitors a different perspective on how beaches are supposed to be. The beach becomes much more like a resort on the shore of a lake by morning as the stream of water advances on to the desert to form what is known as "internal sea". The sea recedes by nightfall and the beach becomes again a desolate piece of land with its remarkable sand dunes of various sizes as high as 40 meters. During Night, the moonshine and sparkling stars create a sense of eternity which will be memorable for the visitors. The sand dunes sparkle in a wonderful array of colors every time the sun rises or sets. The beach is oddly located in-land, can be reached by a four – wheel car in a tour that reminds visitors of a desert safari. Once there, they have several options: to plunge into water, or do some sand skating or climb to the top of a sand dune and enjoy the ever-changing scenery of the sand dunes which are reminiscent of a large oasis. The beach is a perfect place sit, relax and enjoy the serene surroundings.

Each and every landscape of the region undeniably plays a role in proving that this region in southern Qatar is one of the most odd but attractive destinations around the world. The pristine sea water and the ever-changing landscape of the sand dunes make the visit even more unforgettable. A huge number of tourists flock to the beach to enjoy the region’s natural beauty.

How to get there?
The Khor Al Udaid beach is located in the southeastern region of the state of Qatar approximately 78 km away from Doha. The beach has to be accessed by a four wheel car and it is sensible to visit this beach with expert drivers and guides who go for dune-bashing and perhaps let tourists enjoy the wildlife of the desert.

What to See?
The Khor Al Udaid beach sand dunes are enormous, reaching up to a gigantic height of about 40 meters. The crystal-clear waters are also a major attraction. Surrounded by natural sand dunes, this beach also has long been admired by the locals, who fondly call it as the Inland Sea.

The matchless features of the region are due to a very exceptional mishmash of geological and geomorphological formation that occurs nowhere else in the Middle East. The Beach is also famous for its salt hummocks, coastal sabkha, the elevated mesas and the rocky outcrops. Obviously, tourists will also get to enjoy the serene waters as water cuts deep into desert forming channels. The clear waters make tourists a good day to go for swimming. Unquestionably, this distinctive features offer an exciting demonstration that certainly mirrors natural beauty at its most raw and pure form.

The predominant wilderness the area breeds is more than enough to attract its fair share of passionate travelers. The recently discovered salt hummocks, the stony deserts, the tidal embayment system and rocky outcrops also attract large number of enthusiastic visitors. Different types of fish and turtles are swept in from the seawaters including many crustaceans. Bird watchers and tourists can spot different birds such as cormorants, terns, gulls and flamingos.

Khor Al Udaid Beach has a very unique eco system. The flora and fauna also adds a high dose of enlightening attractiveness to this top tourist destination. The region not only serves as a prime location for refreshment and relaxation but also as a wonderful location for observing ecological patterns and interactions of the otherwise missing components of the flora and fauna around the world.

Flora and Fauna
Apart from the enormous sand dunes and clear waters, there are other features in the area such as the stony deserts and the tidal system which are worth exploring. The flora and fauna in the site is diverse and is characteristic of what we can find in the Arabian Peninsula.

The fauna in the Khor Al Udaid Beach are varied which include the Arabian Oryx, cormorants, terns, gulls, Arabian gazelles, flamingos, turtles and Ospreys. Visitors also can spot Migratory water fowls. The flora components also an archetype of the Arabian Peninsula and includes species which are quite rare and regarded as endangered.
Khor Al Udaid

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