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Simaisma Family Beach

Al Dayeen Municipality, North Doha (before Al Khor exit), Qatar
Simaisma is a sleepy and serene coastal hamlet north of Doha in Al Dayeen Municipality.
This village dates back to 1938, built in the 19th century by pearl divers and local fishermen. The village can be accessed comfortably from Al Khor Highway, nearly 21 km from the start of highway from Doha.

Simaisma beach is like a meeting point for dwellers. Stretches out from a natural jetty, the beach prolongs around the curvature and skirts a small cluster of mangroves. There is a small hill with a deserted building on the south end which gives nice silhouette at dusk with a fantastic photo opportunity.

The beach is breathtaking and sandy, sadly at low tide visitors have to walk through the mangroves to reach the shoreline. For those who want to look at the water and grill out, it is a sheer enchantment. With kilometers of fine sand, Simaisma beach is a delight for visitors with a variety of atmospheres and an exceptional range of colors.

The mangroves in the beach offer a place of pure tranquility and children visiting the beach can be taught the crucial role mangroves play in land preservation. The water is quite far away from the shore and relatively shallow. Visitors can also enjoy the barbeque pits and a covered shelter to rest underneath. There is also a lovely playground nearby. When the tide is low, in south of beach visitors can see the “hadra,” which are intertidal fishing traps. These are traditional stake traps having stones on three sides with an open side toward the shore. Demersal and pelagic fish species as well as shrimps move passively with the ebb tide and as the tide goes back they become trapped.

How to go?
Take the highway towards Al Khor (from D ring road all the way to land mark), and look for the exit to Lusail International Circuit. Remember on the right before al khor exit, there is al sumaisimah exit. Then go straight until sumaisimah community/village is reached and the beach is nearby.

Restrooms, showers, some shade, beach soccer, beach volleyball, mosque and parking
Area is mostly secured by fencing.
No requirement for off-road driving.

Things to Remember
The mangroves and the mud in the beach have frustrating biting insects so don't tarry in the .areas between the sand and the sea.

The restroom facilities are limited, so come prepared. Bring your own toilet paper and use at your own risk.

It is a nice spot for walks mostly and there is lots of possibility of seeing different wildlife, to pick shells, taking photos and fishing.
DohaSimaisma Beach

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