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Hayat Universal School

Muaither Building #55 Area #53, Muaither Street, Doha, Qatar +974 44687171 , +974 33459657 +974 44693352 www.hayatschool.com
Hayat Universal School (HUBS) Qatar is a British Columbia Certified Offshore School. HUBS schools offer PreKG-12 education with a bilingual (English and Arabic) curriculum.
HUBS Qatar is an international school with a bilingual (English and Arabic) curriculum. They are a British Columbia Certified Offshore School and function as a part of the Canada, British Columbia (BC) Ministry of Education Global Education Program and as a member of the network of international schools that implement the world-class BC program. Their BC Program teachers are predominantly Canadian citizens and are all licensed educators who hold Teacher Professional Certificate of Qualification by the Canada, British Columbia Ministry of Education.

The school started in 2009-2010 with KG1 - Grade 3 and has been adding a grade every year with the movement of students to higher grades. The school started to offer Grade 12 in 2018-2019.

The BC Ministry of Education meticulously inspects the school to continue to grant them certification. Every HUBS student registered in KG2 and higher grades is a BC Ministry of Education student and has a unique number with the Ministry. A HUBS graduating student receives graduating certificate issued from the British Columbia Ministry of Education- the internationally recognized British Columbia, Canadian Dogwood Secondary School Diploma. This provides excellent opportunity for the graduating student to attend the best post-secondary education institutions all over the world.

HUBS Arabic program starts from PreKG and, as of KG2, implements the Qatar Supreme Education Council curriculum for Arabic Language, Islamic Education and Qatar History. Quran is also one of the subjects of the Arabic program until Grade 4.

The learning objectives of both the English British Columbia program and the Arabic Qatari National program ensure that the students develop their academic skills as well as their character. Their licensed, well-trained and considerate team of teachers will ensure your child is stimulated to take an active role in learning and is continuously supported to succeed.

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