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We, at Al Fakhri Trading (AFT) deal with all kinds of steel items and building materials.
Established in 2004, Al Fakhri Trading (AFT) is a trading company involved in manufacture of Galvanized Iron (GI) Pipes using mild steel strips of Low Carbon Steel Coils.

The strips are passed through a series of fin rolls to give them a circular shape. The slit ends of the strips are then welded together by continuously passing high frequency electric current across the edges.

The welded steel pipes are then passed through sizing sections where any dimensional deviations are corrected. The pipes are then cut into desired lengths by automatic cutting machines. The tubes are then pressure tested for any leaks randomly. The galvanization and varnishing of pipes are done as per specific requirements.

The GI Pipes are generally used for distribution of treated or raw water in rural or urban areas. These pipes are cheaper, light weight and easy to handle.

GI pipes are used as water and sewage pipes, electric poles, engineering purposes, structural purposes, automotive purposes, oil and gas transmissions etc.

We manufacture Galvanized Iron Pipes in various sizes and thickness as per IS, BS and ASTM specification. Being a quality driven company we try to always produce the highest quality material. All the manufactured products go through rigorous testing and inspection before being delivered.

Today Al Fakhri Trading Pipes is synonymous with Qatar best Galvanized as well as Black Steel Pipes supplying in Qatar since 2004.

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AFT International Trading

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