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Sara's Secrets

AKC Building Al Sadd Street, Zone: 39 Street 343 Building 41, Qatar 44321030 https://sarassecretsworkshop.com
Sara's Secrets are a collection of Sara's private jewellery. Sara offers design solutions for emerging regional fashion designers by offering them bespoke services.
Sara’s Secrets Workshop is established in-line with Sara’s ethos of creating a nourishing creative space for the community of Qatar; that not only tailored clothing for its clients but offered a comprehensive design consultancy service that provides design solutions as well as great support for the thriving fashion community of start-up.

Sara’s own references and interpretations from ancient history, civilisation’s, and cultures are injected in her garments and jewellery through the use of shapes to pay homage to the past while incorporating contemporary geometric and modern architectural forms to give it a new meaning. Arabian and African concepts coexist in this collection. References to ancient worship of the sun and moon are prevalent in this collection; as the sun and moon form is used in some pieces.

Sara blends eras that seem so far apart and yet to near through her art, she finds connection with the distant past; to a past where she has never been but yet researched and is fascinated about and wants to be close to.With each piece’s name is a clue to its story.

Sara offers design solutions for emerging regional fashion designers by offering them bespoke services from prototype consultation for their upcoming ready to wear launch to designing and executing table cloths and embroidered luxury giftbags for party organisers as well as working alongside interior designers on commissioned pieces such as embroidered motifs for upholstery from pillowcases to curtains.

With Sara’s past experience in student mentoring in fashion; as well as her extensive knowledge on historical costume design and passion for these fields; Sara opens this workshop to the film industry, interior designers, event planners, fashion designers to meet their manufacturing and design needs. Sara works on her own.

Sara holds a major in fashion from Virginia Commonwealth University School of The Arts.

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