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Al Emadi Hospital

D Ring Road, opposite Regency Hall, near The Mall roundabout, P.O.Box:5804, Qatar +974 4666009 +974 4678340 www.alemadihospital.com.qa
Al-Emadi Hospital is a unique new medical establishment, which was built in state of Qatar.
Through the past few years Al-Emadi Medical Center has explored the wings of its business, to the satisfaction and demands of our customers, by expanding to a qualified hospital , providing most professional specialties and unique facilities with modern equipments, under one roof on hands of most experienced doctors from all around of Arab world.

The hospital has 4 major operation rooms and Intensive care units, offering the maximum level of sterilization service.The hospital offers inpatient and outpatient rooms, furnished with most modern furniture with your request for single or suite rooms.

Al-Emadi Hospital covers an area of 4000 mt. sq., with vehicle parking facilities, to accommodate visitor's and patient's cars. The hospital includes the following departments:

Endoscopy and General Surgery Dept: Gastro copy, Colonoscopy, Hemorrhage surgery (with laser or under general anesthesia) Gastric band, gastric balloon, Cholecystectomy, thyriodectomy, Appendectomy.

Skin care and hair removal: Laser (unwanted body hair removal, wart removal) Botex injections for wrinkles, skin peeling, and various skin care.

Plastic Surgery: Liposuction and loose skin for all of the body, treating burnt skin, cosmetic ear surgery and many more. Cosmetic surgeries minor or major.
Ophthalmologist and Sight Correction: Eye Lasik, eye problems, cataract surgery, eyeglass exam, topography.

Gynecology and Obstetric: Cesarean, or vaginal delivery rooms, with latest equipments, premarriage examinations, infertility treatment surgeries or laporscarpty,prenatal checkups, abortion treatment, ovarian cyst and many other gyn diagnostics treatments, under supervision of most experienced consultant gynecologists and obstructions.

Dental: Teeth bleeding, basic cleaning and polishing, fillings, X-ray, gum treatments, cavity, root canal, and many more.

Family Practice: General physical checkup for all family members and follow ups, diabetics and hypertension follow up care, home visits, and general and private physical examinations.

In addition, we recently built pediatric department, urology department, orthopedic, including with minor and major operations. Most importantly is our ER department, with ambulance vehicles, for any emergencies. Furthermore, to all above departments are the following:

Lab Department: We offer all types of blood tests, hormonal, and many more various blood tests, under supervision of experienced and qualified lab technicians.

Radiology Department: Ultrasound for abdomen and breasts, also Doppler and X-ray for nasal sinus, brains, breast, joints, or back.

Reception Department: This department welcomes the new and follows up patients to open their individual files and any other services.

In addition the hospital offers the best and modernized equipment for cellular and fat treatment system machine called LPG.

The services offered by the hospital:

General Surgery / Laparoscopic Surgeries & Treatment of Obesity
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Ear, Nose & Throat
Urology, Sexology & Treatment of Infertility
Ophthalmology & Lasik
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Neonatology (New born)
Orthopedic Surgery
Dermatology & Venereology & Laser
Family Medicine & Home Visits
Ortho-dental Surgery
Emergency Services (24 hours
National & International Visiting Doctors
Highly qualified Nurses & Paramedicals
Radiology Department: X-ray, Dexa Scan, Mammography, Ultra Sound, CT Scan
Laboratory Tests
Pharmacy (24 Hours)
Ambulance (24 Hours)
Physiotharapy Unit
QatarAl Emadi Hospital

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