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For over 12 years, Bilytica and its brilliant team are connecting people, data, and advanced analytics together. We work with clients, improving business performance, improving profitability to reduce cost and make better use of people and resources.
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CloudPital Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software in Qatar provides a digitized record of medical chart which conquers human error causes with a manual working system. EMR Software in Qatar gives everything that you would discover in a paper chart. CloudPital Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Software in Qatar handle the health-related problems, maintained and customized any medical services organization.

Our EMR Software in Qatar contains thousands of international recognizable disease codes and options to maintain frequent lists of tests, diseases, and medicines. E-prescription in a single click saves the time of doctors as well as patients. It also reduces the human mistake errors which come due to bad handwriting or illegible prescription. Our team of accumulations and charging masters consolidates with Collective-IQ, our advanced billing rules platform, to get you paid more, faster, and with less work on your end.


Encounter Assistants
Robust reminders, searches, and prescription writing
Extensive stamp and custom form library
Interactive GUI for making data collection easier for transcriptionists.
Formatted collection of information on patients according to the requirement.
Patient records search option on the basis of patient ID, patient name, etc.
Comprehensive clinical data repository.
Patient demographic details.
ICD-10 codes for clinical findings and diagnosis.
CPT codes for clinical and diagnostic procedures.
Tests and medications ordering in real-time.
Customized forms for different specialties for the simplification of clinical history taking.
Clinical procedure records, medical images, and laboratory reports.
Built-in and customized reports offering.

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