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Orhan Ergun

Ras Bufantas Qatar Free Zone FZA-316, Qatar 530 567 4750 orhanergun.net
Orhan Ergun provides design training and consultancy all over the world.
Orhan started this with a vision to help and now has a big team of experts who will deliver many more IT courses which offers highest quality and over time hopefully everyone will be training with courses from Orhan Ergun Training Company.

Orhan Ergun LLC Training & Consultancy focuses on Service Providers, Data Centers, Virtualization, Cloud ,Network Security which provides a complete range of Solution, Delivery and Support Services.

With IT related experience our Consulting experts, IT architects, and Engineering Specialists have been working with many Medium and Large-Scale Service Providers and Enterprise Projects as Designing , Implementing, Optimizing and Troubleshooting Complex Networks.

Services provided by Orhan Ergun Training and Consultancy LLC :

- One to One Consultancy (Online/Onsite)
- Remote Support (7/24)
- Design Review, White Boarding Sessions
- Install a New Solution
- Onsite Workshops
- Ongoing IT Support.
- Technology Discussion
- Interview Services
- High level and low level Design
- Troubleshooting sessions
- Power Up Security
- Outsourcing

As a Training Center we provide Public, Private and Customized Training for Companies (Onsite and Online).
We also Provide Training for most vendors such as Cisco, Juniper, Huawei and Nokia for both Specific Solutions and Certification Exams and Specific Technologies such as EVPN, Segment Routing, Unified MPLS for Mobile Transport, Data Center ACI, SDN, NFV, etc

E: [email protected]

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