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Gulf Decorex

Building No-27, Zone-91, Street No: 3084, Birkat Al Awamer, Qatar 55936798 / +974 5590 9682 / +974 5525 7460 https://gulfdecorex.com/
A company characterizes an architectural notation in street furniture & fit out industry.
Gulf Decorex is the leading GRP street furniture manufacturer based in Qatar. Specialized in Planters, Benches, Litterbins, Bollards, Street lights, Tree grates, Signages/Logo, Pergolas & gazebos, Bicycle racks.

Our GFRP products are widely used as interior and exterior fit out elements such as cladding, ceiling, railings etc.. with any texture.

We're also specialized in Wood plastic composite (WPC) materials for Decking, Pergola, Railing, Fence, Cladding, Hybrid

Gulf Decorex benchmarks the position in Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (GFRP/GRP) manufacturing in Qatar and pioneers in GRP innovations worldwide.

Gulf Decorex WLL is a base of some landscape assessments. We have a prolonged plan to utilize the ethics of art and architecture in landscaping to make a legacy. Social and political philosophy and philosophical reflections of popular constructions are caused to form new behavioral science for this aesthetics. The aesthetics of architecture by itself spans traditional and natural visionaries mooted in an innovative idea of art.

Post modern build art compels the civil works groups to depend more GRC and GRP for the creation of passionate sense of this aesthetics. Environmental aesthetic sense of each person is twisted an urge for differentiation. The possibilities of crafting and molding for classes, kinds or types in all archway domains are found to be registered in new faces.

So futuristic civil works, made intentionality for customizing novel of fine art applications. Ethics of architectural possibilities in front part designs focusing on emerging vision of Facades and landscaping are the main objectives of this company.

We utilize GRP and GRC either reconstruct or customize art traditions. Our sophisticated methods of GRP/GRC installations are other aspect of current philosophy of architecture. It concerns recasting social and technological characteristics of all epoch.

Gulf Decorex’s main focus is bountiful fine art presets and modular scenario of such perceptible areas of veneers in all landscaping and gardens. Valiantly, we design the landscapes showing the pre ages and forthcoming life styles using GRP or GRC art fascinations. GRP/GRC materials and installations never fade in pigments and looks. So glory will discover more glossaries in this epilogue of architectural landscape group.

Email:[email protected]
Landscape elements. Urban Furniture Street Furniture Pergola GFRC Bollards Tree grates Benches Planters WPCGRP

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