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Dulsco Qatar

Al Jazira Street Bin Mahmoud, P.O Box 200377, Qatar 7440053777 / 3778 https://dulsco.qa
Dulsco provides a support mechanism to support employees which include HR solution, contact staffing and people solutions.
Dulsco strengthens the communities by providing people solution and environmental solution for the best people. People solution includes HR solution, labour supply and hazardous waste management in environmental solution

Dulsco has steadily grown from its foundation as a reliable business partner, into a bustling multi-dimensional business of today. The constant growth and expansion of products and services continuously satisfy the expectations of our clients, employees, and suppliers as well as those of the community around us. The success of Dulsco lies in the proactive focus on the needs of the market, with a responsive and quick adaptation to the latest requirements and innovations, while promoting values of integrity, responsibility and effective communication.>

Dulsco makes the difference through its high class “know-how”, along with the ability to work effectively on the market in accordance with applicable legislation, commercial rules and traditions established.

With over 1850 employees deployed across 75 categories and working for hundreds of organisations throughout Qatar, our innovative solutions and services are as varied as the client base we serve.

E: [email protected]
Dulsco Qatar

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