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Al Rabiah Building, Al Jazira Al Arabiya Street, Zone 36 (3.67 mi), Qatar 44866289/33840083 http://www.pickquickapps.com/
We have been a leader for chauffeured service since 1998 and aim to bring professional chauffeured transportation to everyone, anywhere in Qatar.
Pick Quick Limousine is bringing innovation at the palm of our hands. Now, anyone can experience the 24/7 on-time chauffeured service which is just a click away.

We are providing fast, reliable and affordable car breakdown towing service, roadside assist recovery service round-the-clock. We have been a leader for chauffeured service since 1998 working with a mission of bringing professional chauffeured transportation to everyone, anywhere in Qatar.

If you are experiencing any unwanted situation while driving or if your car experiences a breakdown due to flat tire, empty fuel, engine fail or any other mechanical issues, there is no need to worry. Our tow truck that is available 24/7 will be happy to assist you.

With our continuing business, that means innovation that empowers a wide range of transportation needs for local employees, and tourists: everything from business travel to going around the city, from rides to company events, from picking-up students and bringing them back safely to their homes. We’re in the early stages of finding solutions to all of these needs—and we’re going to do it more efficiently and ultimately save people time, effort, and money.

Soon, Pick Quick will transform into a full-fledged platform for chauffeured service in Qatar—not only simplifying pick-up and drop-offs, but changing the experience from the moment you step into the vehicle to arriving to your destination safely, on-time.

Call us at 33840083 for any car breakdown service, towing, roadside assistance 24/7.

Email: info@pickquickapps.com
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