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Post Box No-96289 Building No-154 Street No-3088(Zone-91) Birkat Al Awamer, Qatar +97 466 099 570 / +974 44 81 9449 https://houseofuniform.qa/
We are one of the top uniform suppliers in Qatar. We are the leading and globally prominent uniform manufacturers in Qatar.
We offer professional, industrial, medical uniforms etc., with premium quality.

We provide a big selection of Qatar uniforms for use in education, hospitality, airlines, sports and several other industries. Thanks to the sheer variety of our collection, people regard us as a one-stop-shop destination for uniforms in Qatar. We know how important uniforms are in business aspects such as branding. A worker who wears a uniform will reflect the attitude of your overall organization. For this reason, it is important to invest in quality uniforms at competitive pricing that offer the best fit and utmost comfort. We are passionate about our uniform business and making it a point to use top-notch fabrics to create the products.

We strive to create exemplary uniforms with innovative designs and methods. We know that being the best uniform supplier shop in Qatar makes us maintain high standards that meet global parameters. We value our relationships customers with more than anything else. We do more than just offering quality uniforms. We know what is required for designing and fabricating uniforms for organizations from multiple industries. We would be the best uniform supplier shop in Qatar for you if you consider rebranding your business, redesigning uniforms for it or changing your existing supplier.

We believe that the people who transact with us for Qatar uniforms are our biggest strength. Therefore, we value our clientele highly and commit to delivering nothing short of excellence in our products and services.

When manufacturing and supplying uniforms, we make sure to keep pricing from being an obstacle to you for purchase. That is why we make it a point to set competitive prices for uniform products as well. Our uniform product department expects to offer the perfect garment in which consumers can look great and feel maximum comfortable. To ensure maximum comfort and great style, we focus on procuring quality materials that contribute to achieving those attributes. We have the experience and expertise in procuring quality raw materials for uniforms. Besides uniforms, we offer personal protective equipment to help ensure the safety of customers. With us, you can get the best uniforms for your business requirements.

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House of Uniformsuniform manufacturer in Qatar

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