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Qatar embraces digitisation to advance economy

Business, Corona Update Doha 06 Jul 20
 Qatar embraces digitisation to advance economy
Qatar wants to advance the national economy by embracing the power of digitisation, said Khalid Elgibali, division president – Middle East and North Africa, Mastercard.
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Qatar , Qatar
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06 July 2020, 12:00 AM
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31 July 2020, 12:00 AM

Qatar continues to invest efforts in building a smart economy by leveraging the power of digitisation and is embracing it to advance the national economy, said Khalid Elgibali, division president – Middle East and North Africa, Mastercard.

Elgibali noted, continues to “show an upward tick and is also set to play an integral role in the (GCC) region’s economic recovery post Covid-19.”

Covid-19 has transformed the way people want to pay, and this change is here to stay. Hygiene, safety and speed have become the top priorities as social distancing continues to be encouraged across borders.

“In fact, our consumer survey conducted in April revealed that 70% of respondents across MEA are now using some form of contactless payment, citing safety and cleanliness as key drivers,” He told Gulf Times in an interview.

He added: “The government vision is at the heart of the public-private partnerships we are forging in the country as well as our efforts in growing digital payments usage and acceptance in Qatar.”

“In particular, our proprietary Payments Ecosystem Design & Development (PEDD) methodology helps governments systematically and effectively assess and capture the potential of payment digitisation and over the last several years, we have worked closely with the Qatari Government to roll-out solutions that empower businesses and people to streamline operations, find safer ways to pay, and ultimately improve their overall quality of life.”

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