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Halal Qatar Festival 2020

Business, Exhibitions, Shopping Doha 01 Feb 20 08:00 AM
Halal Qatar Festival 2020
The 9th edition of the Halal (Livestock) Qatar Festival, organised by the Cultural Village Foundation – Katara, will be held from 1 February - 9 February 2020.
Event Location
Parking Area 01, Katara Cultural Village, Qatar
Start Time
01 February 2020, 08:00 AM
End Time
09 February 2020, 10:00 PM

The Halal Qatar Festival seeks to strengthen the Qatari and Gulf heritage with all its rich resources in an entertaining atmosphere. The theme of the festival centers on a distinct feature of Qatari heritage, one that is drawn from deep within the deserts of Qatar - sheep and goat breeding.

The major aspect of the festival is the livestock auction which will contribute to the development of livestock production. The festival also provides a unique platform to showcase and acquire the best breeds of halal, as well as sheep and goats.

The festival will present specific methods that help in breeding and raising sheep and will also showcase numerous traditional events along with educational and recreational activities.

The Halal Qatar Festival this year features several new activities, especially for children, such as the ‘Little Shepherd’ competition, which aims at reviving the heritage while teaching the new generations about the skills, experiences, knowledge, ethics and values of the profession. The competition will give children the opportunity to highlight their knowledge in the field of livestock and sheep farming.

In addition, the festival includes traditional handicrafts made by professionals who will explain to the visitors how these items were important in the olden days in a bid to revive this traditional craft.

The festival will have two main tents -- the first will be allocated to livestock-related food industries, such as dairy and cheese production, and the second for traditional handicrafts and handicrafts related to sheep and goats.

Last year festival had more than 30 shops, including 16 for displaying popular food items produced by Qatari families, and 15 for selling traditional products.

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