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Cap for number of times an employee can change jobs

Business Doha 23 Feb 21
Cap for number of times an employee can change jobs
Qatar’s Shura Council called on the government to cap at three the number of times an employee is allowed to change employers during their stay in the country.
Event Location
Qatar , Qatar
Start Time
23 February 2021, 12:00 AM
End Time
31 March 2021, 12:00 AM

Qatar’s Shura Council recommended the government to fix the maximum number at 3 times for an employee to be allowed to change employers during their stay in the country.

The advisory council made a string of recommendations related job change in the country. The council suggested that this measure is meant to ensure employees’ “seriousness at work”.

The council also called for measures to ensure the number of workers who received approval to change employer does not exceed 15 percent of the total staff strength of a company in a year, except with the approval of the employer.

The advisory body further recommended that change of employer shall not be granted to employees hired for governmental or quasi-governmental contract jobs without the consent of the employer, until the term of those contracts expires. The visa shall be linked to the contract, the council said, calling for fair compensation to the employer for the expenses the company spent on the worker.

In its recommendations, the Shura Council called for addressing the phenomenon of illegal workers by setting the appropriate mechanism and amending their conditions in accordance with the law. The Ministry of the Interior should set up the appropriate mechanism so that the worker's employer is notified three days before the date of his departure by text message or via the Metrash application.

They have also recommended to establish a permanent committee at the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs to decide on all applications for the sponsorship transfer, provided that the committee has in its membership a representative from the Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Interior.

Qatar Shura Council recommendations

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