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Anooki Characters in Education City

Children, Entertainment Doha 16 Feb 21 18:00 PM
Anooki Characters in Education City
The Anooki’s artistic light event in Education City will take place from February 16-21 with pre-registered tours available to the public via the Education City App.
Event Location
Education City, Al Rayyan, Qatar
Start Time
16 February 2021, 06:00 PM
End Time
21 February 2021, 11:00 PM

Qatar Foundation is being transformed into a night-time playground for two Inuit-inspired characters with a serious message to send about the importance of protecting our planet - The Anooki.

The Anooki’s artistic light event in Education City comprises an 8-minute video mapping light show illuminating Penrose House (LAS Building). In addition, six-meter-high inflatable Anooki characters will be installed around various Education City buildings.

The characters were brought to life by French designers David Passegand and Moetu Batlle, who initially based them on themselves and see The Anooki’s visit to Education City as a perfect fit, with sustainability.

Explaining the journey of the two characters, Passegand said: “We want people to have fun, but to understand that our planet is fragile. The way we built the Anooki, and the inflatables – because of the materials we used – are also fragile, and this represents the fragility of our world.”

Hisham Nourin, Executive Director of Strategy, Administration and Projects, QF Community Development, said: “The arrival of The Anooki to Education City reflects Qatar Foundation’s belief that art, as well as being something to enjoy, can provoke thought, broaden perspectives, and be a catalyst for positive behaviors and social benefit – making people look at the world in a new light, and using the knowledge they gain from art into empowering others to help drive change.”

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