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Sealine Beach Cleanup

Children, Family Doha 03 May 19 12:30 PM
Sealine Beach Cleanup
Doha Environmental Actions Project (DEAP) has organized a beach cleanup at the Sealine on 3rd May. This is a family and kid friendly event.
Event Location
Sealine Beach, Qatar
Start Time
03 May 2019, 12:30 PM
End Time
03 May 2019, 07:00 PM

Doha Environmental Actions Project (DEAP) is a group that has been active in Qatar for about two years in carrying out clean-up drives every weekend. The group on March 2019 celebrated its 100th beach clean-up drive with over 70 devoted volunteers.

The beach cleanup for the first week of May will be held at the Sealine on 3rd May. There are only limited spaces, please make sure to register to be able to participate.

Founded in May 2017 by Canadian Jeanne Brown, the Doha Environmental Actions Project's (DEAP) purpose is to restore the natural beauty of the sand dunes and beaches in Qatar by conducting weekly clean-ups that are both engaging and environment-friendly.

The DEAP team is now consists of over 2,000 volunteers from all over the world who love the nature, enjoy the outdoors, and have a penchant for discovering Qatar’s beaches and sand dunes. Besides the preserving aspect, another core mission of DEAP is to help promote the beautiful landscapes that Qatar has to offer including the Sealine Beach, Zekreet, and the lesser-known Musfur Sinkhole.

All the beach and sand dune clean-ups that the DEAP team has done was well-attended by people from all walks of life who wants to socialize, feel the fresh air, and make an impact all at the same time. Their pool of volunteers—who are mostly within the 30-50 age bracket—shows up every week to lend an extra hand.

12:30pm Meeting time at the Dairy Queen by the Radisson Blue Hotel in Salwa Road. https://goo.gl/maps/7SctiL9p6L... IF YOU ARE CARPOOLING MEET THEM HERE.

-1:00pm Departure to the cleanup location.

Beach location: Regroup at the Doha Bus Sealine Shop https://goo.gl/maps/8crNK3u1vB... GO TO THIS LOCATION IF YOU’RE NOT CARPOOLING. 4x4 is not needed to reach the DB shop. 4x4 transportation will be provided to reach the cleanup location.
-2:30pm arrival to the cleanup location
-2:30-4:00 pm cleanup activities.
-4:00-6:00 pm socialize and food sharing.
- 6:00 pm end of the event and departure to Doha.

WHAT TO BRING WITH YOU: - Water/ Food to share. Reusable water bottles, mugs, food containers, and cutterly are encouraged. Let’s lead by example! - YOU ID / RP - Hat, towel, change of clothes, sunscreen. PLEASE DRESS PROPERLY. Girls shoulders covered. Boys keep your shirts on :). Don’t forget to be culturally sensitive. - Work or garden gloves - Beach games, football, music, whatever you feel like doing at the beach.

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