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Diplomats Journey Exhibition at Katara Cultural Village

Exhibitions Doha 17 Oct 19 19:00 PM
Diplomats Journey Exhibition at Katara Cultural Village
Diplomats Journey Exhibition will be held at Katara Cultural Village on 17th October.
Event Location
Katara Cultural Village, Qatar
Start Time
17 October 2019, 07:00 PM
End Time
17 October 2019, 10:00 PM

The "Diplomat's Journey" exhibition will open at Katara by the artist Dr. Michalis A. Zacharioglou in cooperation with the Embassy of Cyprus in Qatar.

Before his accreditation to the State of Qatar, Dr. Michalis A. Zacharioglou served as Director of Policy Communication Division at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cyprus, as Ambassador of the Republic of Cyprus to Oman, Head of Mission in Hungary and Australia.

Represented the Republic of Cyprus at various international Conferences as either as Head or as a member of the Cypriot Delegations and delivered numerous lectures and presentations on issues relating to Cyprus to International Conferences, to educational institutions and to other think-tanks. Also, published several articles concerning aspects of Cyprus.

This is an open invitation.

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