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Katara’s Eid Al-Adha celebrations a big draw

Festivals Doha 01 Jul 23
Katara’s Eid Al-Adha celebrations a big draw
Katara Eid al-Adha celebrations attract massive turnout.
Event Location
Katara cultural village, Qatar
Start Time
01 July 2023, 12:00 AM
End Time
31 August 2023, 12:00 AM

The Eid al-Adha celebrations at Katara-The Cultural Village attracted thousands from all age groups.The visitors were treated to a spectacular fireworks display along the waterfront, illuminating the sky with dazzling performances that synchronised with the accompanying music.

During the first three days of Katara's Eid programme, there was significant interest in the questions and answers competition, Katara's gifts, and the theatrical performance "Al-Aql Nama." The fireworks on the first two days of Eid were the highlights.

Katara Beach has continued to attract a growing number of visitors. Both adults and children had a delightful time as they engaged in various activities, beach games and swimming.

‘The Mind is a Blessing’ play captivated audiences from all backgrounds. The specially crafted play, written and directed by artist Hanan Sadiq, featured prominent actors such as Ali Al-Khalaf and a talented ensemble cast.

The Thuraya Planetarium, located in Building 47 in Katara, has been attracting a large number of visitors. Visitors have had the opportunity to enjoy a selection of remarkable shows. The planetarium has showcased the captivating Space Oasis movie in 3D technology at 6pm, followed by the Zola Space Guardians movie at 7pm.

The Eid gifts event at Katara's waterfront saw a significant turnout with two periods of distribution at 6.45pm and 7.30pm to children. The "Questions and Answers" competition, which concluded on Friday in Al Hekma Square, was also well-received by the audience.

The art galleries at Katara provided a captivating experience for art enthusiasts and collectors. The Islamic Stamps Exhibition held at Building 22 proved to be a significant attraction, drawing a diverse range of visitors and stamp enthusiasts. The exhibition showcased rare collections of stamps related to Hajj and Umrah, featuring stamps issued by Qatar, as well as other Arab and Islamic countries.

On Friday at 8pm, the Katara Center for the Oud will host a musical evening featuring the renowned artist Bashir Jaber. This special performance will showcase a selection of his finest songs and musical compositions.

Katara also launched the 'Eid Takbeers at Katara' competition, exclusively for boys aged 10 years and above. Participants were required to record Eid takbeers in Katara, emphasizing their facial features, with high-quality audio and video, and the video should not exceed one and a half minutes. Enteries were sent via WhatsApp to 66894698. In addition, the competition for the "Most Stylish Outfit in Eid" was open to boys and girls up to the age of 15 and will continue until the third day of Eid.

Katara Eid Al-Adha events

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