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Katara festivities during Asian Cup Qatar continues

Festivals Doha 24 Jan 24
Katara festivities during Asian Cup Qatar continues
Spectacular events and exceptional shows at Katara for Asian Cup Qatar 2023.
Event Location
Katara cultural village, Qatar
Start Time
24 January 2024, 12:00 AM
End Time
10 February 2024, 12:00 AM

Katara's festivities during the Asian Cup Qatar 2023 continue, with a significant public turnout and attendance, as well as guests and tourists appreciating and enjoying the fantastic organization and numerous events that blend entertainment, art, culture, and heritage.

Visitors commended Katara's unique parts and rich program, which celebrated the Asian football festival and provided them with an opportunity to discover about Asian cultures and arts.

On the other hand, the 4th edition of the Katara International Amber Exhibition concluded on Thursday, amidst a remarkable turnout by the exhibition's visitors and audience, who expressed their great happiness with the exhibition's unique and precious amber exhibits and collectibles, which meet the aspirations of merchants, hobbyists, and those interested in amber's heritage and culture.

In a related context, the Katara Publishing House library has received a large audience at its headquarters in Building 39 since the start of Katara events during the Asian Cup 2023, as the library includes 15 Qatari publishing houses in addition to Katara Publishing House, and the best-selling books during the first week of events are heritage books and Arabic novels in Arabic and English.

In addition to three other book pavilions scattered across Al-Hikma courtyard, in front of Building 22, and on Ibn Al-Rayb Cultural Street, Katara Publishing House had set up a pavilion in the 4th edition of the Katara International Amber Exhibition, where it unveiled its most recent publication, "Amber...the flower of precious stones and a window to ancient times," by Hamad bin Saleh Al-Sulaiti. It also set up a pavilion specifically for children's books and toys in the square across from Al-Gannas Association.

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