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Qatar charity - iftar projects for Turkey quake victims

Festivals Doha 01 Apr 23
Qatar charity - iftar projects for Turkey quake victims
Qatar Charity implements iftar project for earthquake victims in Turkiye.
Event Location
Qatar, Qatar
Start Time
01 April 2023, 12:00 AM
End Time
30 April 2023, 12:00 AM

Since the first day of Ramadan, the office of Qatar Charity (QC) in Gaziantep has started to distribute nearly 120,000 iftar meals to those affected by the earthquake and the floods.

The focus was placed on the people who lost their homes, and moved to live in tents and shelters, like Syrian refugees, orphans sponsored by Qatar Charity, and needy families.

In a press release, Qatar Charity said that the project was launched in cooperation and coordination with municipalities and local authorities operating in the affected areas.

In the most affected cities like Hatay, Kahraman Maraash, Adyaman, Qatar Charity, in cooperation with the Municipality of Uskudar, continues to distribute iftar meals daily (1,500 meals in Hatay, 750 meals in Kahraman Maraash, and 750 meals in Adyaman) throughout the holy month.

The beneficiaries of the project, municipalities and concerned authorities in the affected regions expressed their gratitude to the philanthropists for supporting the project and to Qatar Charity for implementing it.

Helmi Turkmen, Mayor of the Municipality of Uskudar, at the launch of the project said,“We came from all Turkish cities to respond to the exceptional disaster in Hatay, the most affected city by the earthquake,"

“We work with the support of our friends from inside and outside Turkiye, including our brothers in Qatar."

In Gaziantep, Qatar Charity, in cooperation with the Municipality of Shahinbey, distributes 1,500 iftar meals to the affected people daily.

A delegation from Qatar Charity participated in a collective iftar program organized by the Municipality of Shahinbey.

"The responsibility for the families of the martyrs who lost their breadwinners in the earthquake rest on our shoulder, and we hope that, in the blessed month of Ramadan, their situation will improve for the better." said Mehmet Tahmazoglu, Mayor of the Municipality of Shahinbey. "I welcome our partners from Qatar Charity, with whom we work to meet the needs of the affected and implement various projects to support them," added the mayor.

Qatar Charity, in cooperation with the municipality of Shanliurfa, distributes 1,500 iftar meals per day, and it also distributes 500 meals in Kilis.

Ibrahim Karatume, Head of the Migration and Integration Services Department in the Sanlurfa Metropolitan Municipality, said, "The distribution of carefully prepared iftar meals enhances social solidarity in the month of compassion," noting that "Qatar Charity demonstrates the generosity of the Qatari people, as we have close relations with our friends working here through its office in Turkiye." He thanked the benefactors of Qatar for supporting the project.

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