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Qatar 48 Hour Film Challenge

Film Doha 26 Sep 19 18:30 PM
Qatar 48 Hour Film Challenge
An exciting and sleepless weekend Qatar 48 Hour Film Challenge will be held at HBKU Student Center September 26-28.
Event Location
HBKU Student Center, Al Huqoul Street, Qatar
Start Time
26 September 2019, 06:30 PM
End Time
28 September 2019, 08:30 PM

The Qatar 48 Hour Film Challenge is aimed for participants to produce a 5-minute movie in 48 hours. The event will be hosted on the 26-28th of September (6:30 - 8:30) at the student center cinema.

Enthusiastic participants of all backgrounds, ages and careers are eligible to participate. Interested participants will have the chance to attend a meeting before the challenge, where they can form teams and discuss ideas with other film makers.

On a Thursday night, they will have to randomly choose from the several themes shuffled in a hat. The teams are then given a genre, a prop, and a line to include in their films.

On final night, the final output should be submitted. The films are screened at a theatre in front of a panel of professional judges and an audience of filmmakers, families and friends. Prizes will be given to best film, best cinematography, best sound, and best film editing.

For more info, Email: aboudfayad@outlook.com

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