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Annual Halal Hal Qatar Festival

The annual Halal Qatar Festival, which is held in the southern area of Katara cultural village every year in March, features animal husbandry, the practice of selectively raising and breeding livestock, their health and care.

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The festival showcases hundreds of animals from various GCC states highlighting animal trade as an essential part of Qatari culture and heritage. The festival comprises of three main activities, Al Mazad (public sale) – livestock sales through auction; Al Mazayin, a beauty competition for sheep and goats; and Al Izab barns containing different kind of farm animals. Besides, there will be a display of breeding accessories and equipment used to groom animals, traditional pens and an auction.

The festival aims at establishing the costumes and traditions that portrayed Qatari life in the past for the young generation and offering an exceptional insight into the country’s livestock industry and bringing into life the characteristics of Qatar's rich history. The festival also provides an opportunity to revitalize Qatari heritage by providing a link between the past and the present with the intention of preserving the national identity.

Focusing on animal trade, the festival allows the visitors to interact with shepherds sharing their trade secrets and journey into these crucial aspects of Qatari tradition. The shepherds who are in the festival are happy to help and provide profound explanation of the livestock and their diverse types. Besides, 'Halal Qatar' will provide visitors with the prospect to buy and sell animals through the various auctions which will take place during the 10 days. The festival has gained momentum Year on year and Organizers said registration went beyond their anticipation with the increase in the number of participants compared to the previous editions. The best part of Halal Qatar is a competition awarding up to QR 100, 000 in various categories including best camel, best ewe, best local breed and best male. A panel of Judges from various GCC countries will select the winners in different categories of the competition.

In the 2014 edition, more than 400 participants have registered, of whom 320 took part in Al Mazayin competition and 82 in Al Izab. This year’s festival attracted more visitors due to the success of the last edition and up gradation in the organization of the event, with more amenities.

How to Go?

Located in the eastern coast in West Bay area of Doha, the Cultural Village can be accessed through the free entrance opposite Doha Exhibition Center. There is another entry about 400m before the next roundabout after Exhibition Center in Lusail Street (continuation of Al Istiqlal St).

Third Annual Halal Festival 2014

The third annual Halal Hal Qatar Festival was held from March 22 to 31 and had over 400 participants in its Al Mazayin and Al Izab sections. The third edition of the festival was being organized to care for the traditional life of the ancestors and keep it active for new generations as part of the Arab Islamic identity.

Several breeds of sheep and goats raised in the country and other parts of GCC were exhibited. There were also competitions and prizes as well as daily auctions for some of the finest sheep breeds.

Families, kids and individual visitors who stopped by the Halal Hal Qatar festival were in for a host of treats - handicraft activities, photos, traditional food and games as well as folk songs were organized. There was also a special section to showcase a traditional Qatari house which replicates Qatari architecture prevalent until the middle of the20th century. This Qatari house reflected a precise image of traditional Qatari architecture, furniture, living rooms, bed rooms and kitchen utensils alongside the open yard. Outside the house, there was even a vintage car parked to give a exact glimpse of the old Qatari house.

There were also play areas for children, a tent where visitors can sample traditional Arabic coffee and a booth for henna. The festival was open from 10am to 10pm at Katara’s Southern area and the event entry is free.

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