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Qatar takes part in Future Minerals Forum in Riyadh

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Qatar takes part in Future Minerals Forum in Riyadh
Qatar takes part in Future Minerals Forum in Saudi.
Event Location
Qatar, Qatar
Start Time
24 January 2024, 12:00 AM
End Time
31 January 2024, 12:00 AM

Qatar participated in the round table meeting of ministers concerned with the mineral resources sector.

The event was organised by the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia within the framework of the 3rd edition of the Future Minerals Forum held from January 9 to 11, 2024, in Riyadh. Hassan bin Sultan Al Ghanim, Assistant Undersecretary for Consumer Affairs at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, participated in the meeting.

The forum was attended by several ministers and officials dedicated to the mining sector from different countries across the world. The event was also attended by government and non-governmental representatives, and multilateral agencies concerned with mining regionally and internationally.

During the meeting various topics were covered, addressing the global challenges encountered by the minerals sector, such as enhancing cooperation to support technology development throughout the value chain, advancing the green minerals value chain with the backing of reliable, affordable, and abundant renewable energy sources, and prompting community trust through responsible mining, implementing high standards of environmental, social, and governance performance, as well as certifying the production and supply of minerals.

The Assistant Undersecretary for Consumer Affairs, participated in the forum proceedings, which included panel discussions addressing various topics, such as advancing the sector’s future agenda and addressing development issues emphasised in the previous edition of the event.

The discussions revolved around issues related to the mining sector, covering areas from Africa to West and Central Asia. The focus was on attracting investments to mineral industries in these regions, promoting the integration of the latest digital technologies in the sector, and ensuring adherence to the best sustainability standards.

Furthermore, the event examined the current global situation and its impact on mineral and energy supplies in the future, evaluating the state of mining in the region and the world. It also explored the contribution of mining projects to community development, reviewed past improvements, and assessed the capabilities and opportunities within the sector, specifically in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the broader region.

In addition, A Ghanim participated in the ninth consultative meeting of their Excellencies the Arab Ministers concerned with mineral wealth affairs.

This meeting was organised by the Arab Organization for Industrial Development, Standardization, and Mining in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources in Saudi Arabia.

Several topics were discussed during the meeting, including the initiative to rehabilitate old mines and quarries to achieve sustainable development. Moreover, the meeting addressed the hosting of the ‘Seventeenth Arab International Mineral Resources Conference’ and its accompanying exhibition by Arab countries in cooperation with the organisation.

Future Minerals Forum 2024

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