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Arab ministers sign 'Doha Pledge for Arab Family'

Latest News Doha 20 Feb 24
Arab ministers sign 'Doha Pledge for Arab Family'
Arab ministers of social development sign 'Doha Pledge for Established Arab Family'
Event Location
Qatar, Qatar
Start Time
20 February 2024, 12:00 AM
End Time
31 March 2024, 12:00 AM

Arab ministers of social development and family along with the Secretary-General of the Arab League on Thursday signed the Doha Pledge for the Established Arab Family.

Titled 'Doha Pledge on Promoting Integrated Social Protection and Consolidating the Principles and Customs Related to the Established Arab Family',the pledge was signed on the second day of the two-day Arab high-level forum for multidimensional social development.

The pledge emphasized adherence to Arab principles and customs related to family and natural social relationships without compromise. It aims to confront unhealthy trends and attempts to change natural human principles and norms, leading to dangerous behaviours that threaten the institution of family and marriage.

Additionally, the pledge included the development of plans and programs aimed at enhancing the fabric of the Arab family, preserving the institution of marriage, and eliminating unacceptable interventions that constitute behavioural human diseases that threaten human society as a whole.

The pledge included promoting collective patterns to broaden the scope of efforts against the tide of individualistic values. This approach aims to foster rapprochement and integration of regional agreements that the natural, value-based, and innate practice of the family, and repel all attempts to threaten our Arab societies and future generations, preventing deviation and returning to the essence of the family institution.

The pledge reflected the unified Arab regional stance, based on the directions of Arab leaders in numerous Arab Summit resolutions, decisions of the Council of Arab Foreign Ministers, the Council of Arab Ministers of Social Affairs, and relevant Arab and international resolutions. This reiterates the Arab countries' commitment to the essence and natural disposition of the family, rejecting any unhealthy classifications that contradict human nature and religion, while emphasizing the Arab countries' pride in their values and morals, and the necessity to respect Arab principles, culture, and customs.

The signing comes as a support for the Qatari efforts represented by the Ministry of Social Development and Family, which launched the Family Charter on Monday. The pledge complements those efforts, serving as a roadmap for Arab countries to follow the natural state of the family, supporting its unity and coexistence based on tolerance, kindness, and mercy.

The Arab high-level forum for multidimensional social development discusses several important files that are priorities for joint Arab social development work, including the Second Arab Decade for Persons with Disabilities 2023-2032, the Second Arab Multidimensional Poverty Report, in addition to highlighting the sustainable solutions to improve the quality of life of Arab individuals and communities.

The outcomes and recommendations of the forum on the discussed topics are expected to be presented at the upcoming Arab Summit.

Doha Pledge for Arab Family

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