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10th Eastern Mediterranean Pharmaceutical Symposium

Seminar Doha 25 Jul 23
10th Eastern Mediterranean Pharmaceutical Symposium
Qatar University concludes 10th Eastern Mediterranean Pharmaceutical Symposium.
Event Location
Qatar, Qatar
Start Time
25 July 2023, 12:00 AM
End Time
31 August 2023, 12:00 AM

Qatar University (QU) concluded the 10th Eastern Mediterranean Pharmaceutical Symposium (EMPS), which saw a wide participation of students from different countries in the region.

The event was held under the theme 'Healthcare System through the Pharmacist's Eyes'. The 10-day conference aimed to promote excellence in the fields of education, research, and public service in the field of pharmacy, and to enhance cooperation and exchange of knowledge between students in the region and the world, in addition to refining their skills and experiences in this field and providing opportunities for professional development, education, and international exchange.

The scientific event included a number of workshops and lectures that focused on the fields of biotechnology and nanotechnology, the development of pharmacy functions, drug safety, and multi-professional educational sessions, in addition to highlighting the crucial role of pharmacists in improving healthcare systems and facing global health challenges.

10th EMPS Chairperson Dr. Kheloud Awad emphasized the significance of EMPS, saying: "The symposium aims to enhance cooperation among students, enrich their knowledge, skills, and experiences in the field of pharmacy, and provide opportunities for professional development, education, and international exchange."

"EMPS, an annual conference, has evolved and flourished since its inception in 2010," Dr. Kheloud indicated, adding "it is entirely led and organised by dedicated students and leaders and it brings together students and alumni from countries across the Middle East, fostering collaboration and improving pharmaceutical education strategies."

The symposium also featured a special address by World Health Organization (WHO) representative Dr. Rayana Ahmed, delivered via video call.

Dr. Ahmed expressed gratitude to QU for organising such distinguished activities and commended the students' proactive approach to driving change following the COVID-19 pandemic. She encouraged a push for more activities to develop research in the fields of pharmacy, medicine, and science.

The second edition of this esteemed symposium was hosted in Qatar in 2011, and now, over a decade later, it returns to QU to further advance pharmaceutical science and embrace the responsibilities and roles of pharmacists from various healthcare perspectives.

QU Pharmaceutical Symposium

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