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Web Summit to unveil tech odyssey in Doha: Cosgrave

Seminar Doha 12 Oct 23
Web Summit to unveil tech odyssey in Doha: Cosgrave
Web Summit Qatar to unveil tech odyssey in Doha: Paddy Cosgrave.
Event Location
Qatar, Qatar
Start Time
12 October 2023, 12:00 AM
End Time
30 November 2023, 12:00 AM

A pivotal introductory meeting took place with Paddy Cosgrave, founder and CEO of this prominent technology event, in Doha on Sunday, after the Qatari Ministry of Communications and Information Technology’s announcement of hosting the Web Summit conference in Doha in March 2024.

Anticipated to draw thousands of entrepreneurs, investors and technology trailblazers, this conference is poised to be a game-changer in the tech industry.

The gathering provided a meticulous review of preparations and arrangements for the inaugural Web Summit conference in Qatar, an unprecedented event within the region.

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology announced in April 2022 that Qatar would host the ‘Web Summit’ conference in March 2024, which is the largest event in the world of technology.

The ‘Web Summit Qatar’ conference is the first of its kind in the region and is anticipated to bring together thousands of entrepreneurs and investors, along with a select group of emerging leaders who will shape the future of the world.

This hosting coincides with the rapid growth of the technology sector in Qatar, marked by the expansion of startups and the private sector, all underpinned by government support for technological innovation.

During the meeting, Cosgrave underlined the paramount significance of this event, acting as a nexus that connects technological pioneers in the region with global investors, influential journalists, esteemed clients and collaborative partners.

He emphasised that choosing Qatar as the host nation will open new vistas for nurturing the rapidly evolving technological landscape within the region.

Cosgrave radiated immense optimism about the region’s technology future, accentuating Qatar’s pivotal role in its advancement.

He added that Web Summit Qatar will serve as an exclusive platform for attendees to engage with peers, delve into cutting-edge technological advancements and unearth investment prospects within the region, stressing that the event is poised to foster robust collaborations and partnerships among technology leaders, investors and stakeholders.

Explaining the scope of Web Summit Qatar, scheduled for March 2023 in Doha, Cosgrave noted that it will tackle a wide array of critical topics, encompassing artificial intelligence, tax evasion, and various other technological frontiers, alongside areas such as digital currencies, digital security, and the global tax implications for multinational corporations themes that were central to previous summits.

Cosgrave anticipated that the inaugural Middle East Web Summit in Doha will attract a diverse spectrum of participants from myriad fields and domains.

He underscored the palpable enthusiasm among many to participate in the summit, acknowledging the region’s status as a global powerhouse and a hotbed for burgeoning enterprises.

Participants from diverse entities are eager to engage with potential clients hailing from all corners of the globe, thus solidifying the Middle East as a pivotal market.

Drawing parallels to the early days of the Web Summit in Europe, which commenced with a modest attendance of 150 participants and grew exponentially, Cosgrave expressed hope that the Doha edition will host a whopping 5,000 participants from the Middle East, Africa, Asia and various other global locales.

Cosgrave acknowledged the initial challenges in persuading stakeholders that the Middle East could host such a prestigious event.

He posited that the inaugural year will serve as an introduction, with subsequent years poised for smoother operations. The commitment spans five years, recognising that building such an event takes time.

Cosgrave placed emphasis on the strong partnership and collaborative spirit between Web Summit and Qatar, underscoring the choice of Qatar as the ideal host due to its proven track record of successfully organising significant global conferences across diverse domains.

He stressed that this synergy extends to their longstanding relationship with the Qatar Development Bank, a partner in the 2016 summit.

Over the next five years, the conference will provide new opportunities for collaboration in the world of technology, connecting evolving technological ecosystems across the Middle East, Africa, India, Europe, North America, South America and Asia.

According to the 2021 Global Competitiveness Report by the World Economic Forum, Qatar ranks 28th globally in terms of innovation capability, surpassing other countries in the region.

Web Summit Qatar 2024

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