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Liwan Library Symposium: First Edition from Oct 29

Seminar Doha 02 Nov 23
Liwan Library Symposium: First Edition from Oct 29
First Edition of Liwan Library Symposium will be held from October 29 to 31 at Liwan Design Studios.
Event Location
Qatar, Qatar
Start Time
02 November 2023, 12:00 AM
End Time
30 November 2023, 12:00 AM

Liwan Design Studios and Labs is inviting the public across Qatar to attend the upcoming Liwan Library Symposium: First Edition from October 29 to 31 at Liwan Design Studios and Labs.

Housed in a historic mid-century building in Downtown Mshereib, Liwan is in an imaginatively repurposed historic building that was once the first school for girls in Qatar, founded by education pioneer Amna Mahmoud Al Jaida. The original school, named Banat El Doha, opened in the late 1950s, and over the years, it was renamed Umm Almo’mneen Primary School.

Under the theme of Tales and Traditions: Arabic Children’s Literature through Heritage, Modernity, Archiving, and Education, the Liwan Library Symposium is set to become a landmark in Children’s Arabic literature, history and education.

Liwan Library Symposium: First Edition further solidifies Liwan’s commitment to preserving and archiving cultural treasures and is exemplified by its impressive archival collection of children’s books carefully stored in the Liwan library. Eight hundred fifty children’s storybooks showcase leading Arab illustrators, storytellers and designers.

Notable works include iconic illustrations and designs by the renowned artists Helmy El Touny and Burhan Karkoutly.

The archive is also home to a collection of books from renowned Arab publishing houses, including Dar Al-Fata Al-Arabi in Lebanon and Dar al-Hilal in Egypt.

Over the course of three days, visitors will get the chance to explore a diverse range of topics, from delving into timeless classics like Hayy bin Yaqdhan to discussing the profound impact of digital publishing, archiving, and the role of storytelling in education.

This symposium will also amplify Palestinian voices with the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Palestinian speakers will join us to discuss the humanitarian situation and writing, publishing and illustrating for children under the occupation of Palestine.

Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) will collect donations during the Symposium. All proceeds will go towards humanitarian aid to Gaza.

Qatar Liwan Library Symposium

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