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Qatar creates a cultural revolution through World cup

Sports Doha 29 Dec 22
Qatar creates a cultural revolution through World cup
‘Qatar has created a cultural revolution through World Cup’, according to experts.
Event Location
Qatar, Qatar
Start Time
29 December 2022, 12:00 AM
End Time
31 January 2023, 12:00 AM

The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, dubbed as the most significant event in the Arab region and the world, has concluded on a spectacular note. The biggest football event that the world had been waiting for in our Arab region in the spirit of passion and high hope has become a reality on the Qatari soil, and history will record it as an event that promoted creative sports and cultural heritage for future generations.

American academic Dr Stewart Johannes said the Qatar 2022 edition of the tournament did not require much efforts to spread Arab and Islamic culture due to the smart planning and sound implementation carried out by Qatar.

He said, “Qatar has made creative cultural and media efforts at the individual, professional and community levels for all attendees to experience the cultural and tourist attractions in the country and the Arab region. Qatar was intellectually and culturally ready for the event and will be in the right position for future mega sport and tourism events.”

Algerian sports writer Imad Maamir shed light on the role of visual and media in presenting the features, values and importance of awareness of Qatari and Arab culture as a global aspect.

“The World Cup has highlighted Qatar’s landmarks, the country’s history, as well as the Arab countries’ cultural, sports and tourism renaissance, and focused on how to communicate cultural information about the region in a way that addresses different cultures,” he said.

Meanwhile, Jamal Bawarid, a Jordanian writer and analyst, said: “The legacy of the World Cup in Qatar is not only in material forms, represented by a developed infrastructure, premium-class stadiums and new cities. Qatar is entering a new era that achieves harmony and integration between development and environment out of respect for future generations. Another legacy that is no less important for this edition of the World Cup, which impressed everyone, is the legacy of Qatari and Arab cultural and humanitarian values.”

Many fans appreciated the great success of this edition, stressing that they saw wonderful people in Qatar, and everything went smoothly, as the tournament was held at wonderful organisational levels.

They said they were pleased that the World Cup created a strong and emotional connection between the peoples of the world, especially when they saw men from different cultures who wanted to wear Qatari Bisht and walk around Souq Waqif, while many foreign women tried the Islamic hijab for the first time.

Qatar FIFA world cup 2022

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