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My Jump into a New Life - A Talk with Kira Grunberg

Talks and Readings Doha 02 Oct 19 12:30 PM
My Jump into a New Life - A Talk with Kira Grunberg
“My jump into a new life”- A Talk with Kira Grünberg, Kira will share her inspirational story at Qatar National Library on 2nd October
Event Location
Qatar National Library, Education City, Al Luqta Street, Qatar
Start Time
02 October 2019, 12:30 PM
End Time
02 October 2019, 01:30 PM

“My jump into a new life”- A talk with Kira Grunberg will be held at Qatar National Library on 2nd October.

Austrian pole vault record holder Kira Grunberg had been looking forward to competing at the IAAF World Championships, Beijing 2015 until a traumatic training accident on 30 July in Innsbruck saw her break vertebrae in her spine.

The accident has left the 2014 European Championships finalist, who had finished fourth at the 2015 European U23 Championships just three weeks before the accident, a wheelchair-bound paraplegic and her plight has led to messages of sympathy and support from around the world.

However, since the accident, Grunberg’s cheerful and resilient response to her situation has also drawn global admiration.

She talks about how she managed to accept her new life as it is, and how she gains hope and courage to face up to new challenges on a daily basis. Moreover, she explains which character traits are necessary to lead a happy life in spite of a severe stroke of fate.

In this talk session, she wants to reach all those people who are struggling with a similar fate and she talks about the little pitfalls of everyday life and about the things that have changed - the perspectives that have changed and how important the environment and the family are.

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