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Talk on 'Korean Dominance of the Beauty Market' at QNL

Talks and Readings Doha 25 Jan 20 15:00 PM
Talk on 'Korean Dominance of the Beauty Market' at QNL
Min-Kyung, entrepreneur and founder of Pida Beauty, will give a talk about what makes Korean beauty products so popular at QNL on 25th January.
Event Location
Qatar National Library, Education City Qatar, District of Freedom, Al Luqta St, Qatar
Start Time
25 January 2020, 03:00 PM
End Time
25 January 2020, 04:30 PM

Korean beauty products are highly influential in the global beauty market. Pida Beauty, a Korean health and beauty company based in Qatar specializes in bringing Korea’s hottest skincare products to the Gulf market.

The founder and CEO of Pida Beauty, Min-Kyung is an entrepreneur, cosmetics specialist, biological scientist and motivator. Her first trip beyond the continent of Asia was Spain in 2010. Her interest piqued by her exposure to Arab culture in Southern Spain, Min-Kyung made the bold choice to move to the Middle-East, despite her near-inability to speak English.

Having completed her bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences and minor in Business Administration, Min-Kyung counts her 4 years in Qatar as pure productivity. Currently with over 26k (mostly Arab) followers on Instagram, Min-Kyung can be described as a self-starter, leveraging on her dream of linking the Arab world with her native country.

Min-Kyung will tell us what makes Korean beauty products different and why its products are so popular at Qatar National Library on 25 January. Don’t miss it.

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