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Fiverr Presents: The Shift

Webinar Doha 09 Jul 20 19:30 PM
Fiverr Presents: The Shift
The Shift - a free virtual summit featuring skill-based workshops and networking opportunities will be held on 9th July.
Event Location
Qatar , Qatar
Start Time
09 July 2020, 07:30 PM
End Time
09 July 2020, 12:00 AM

Whether you’re building, expanding, or starting your business again, it’s clear that operating your business for a post COVID-19 world requires a fundamental shift, and Fiverr is here to help.

The Shift is a free virtual summit featuring skill-based workshops, discussions around future trends, networking opportunities, and resources for building and optimizing your online business.

For the first time ever, the global network of like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs will be able to connect and collaborate at the same event.

Join on July 9, 2020 for an all day function focused on moving your business forward.

Spots are limited, save your seat today!

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