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How to Apply UPDA Exam Qatar SkillXplore

Webinar Abu Hamour 05 May 21 00:00 AM
How to Apply UPDA Exam Qatar SkillXplore
How to Apply UPDA MMUP Exam Qatar | UPDA Registration | MMUP Certification Required Documents to Apply for UPDA Exam in Qatar
Event Location
Qatar, Qatar
Abu Hamour
Start Time
05 May 2021, 12:00 AM
End Time
04 July 2021, 12:00 AM

How to Apply UPDA MMUP Exam Qatar | UPDA Registration | MMUP Certification
Required Documents to Apply for UPDA MMUP Exam in Qatar

# Valid Qatar ID
# Degree Certificate (Should be Attested from Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA))
# Consolidated Mark sheet / Overall Mark sheet / Transcript
# Each Semester Mark sheets/ Individual Mark sheets
# Qatar PCC (Police Clearance Certificate)
# Curriculum Vitae
# Photo
# PassPort
Additional Documents (Optional)
# Experience Certificate
# Any Training Certificate (Like PMP, ISO, Auto Cad)

Required Documents & Formats to Upload Document on Baladiya Website:-
Note:-Document needed to be uploaded. Before Uploading, Kindly, Make this Format.
1. Qatar ID (JPEG) (Front and back in Single Jpeg File)
2. Engineering Degree Certificate (PDF) (Front and Back side) (Single PDF File) (With MOFA Attestation)
3. Overall Mark sheet/Consolidated Mark sheet/Transcript (PDF)
4. Individual Mark sheets/Each Semester Mark sheets (Single PDF File)
5. Qatar PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) (PDF)
6. Photo (JPEG)
7. Passport (PDF) (Including Stamped Page (If Applicable) in Single PDF File)
8. Curriculum Vitae (PDF)
9. Work Experience Certificate (PDF) (Frond and Back Side) (Single PDF File)
10. Training Certificate (PDF)
Note: Give Name to Each File. Like Engineering Degree, Transcript, XYZ Experience, ABC Experience Etc…
Step by Step Procedure to Upload Documents on Baladiya Website:-
1) Login to www.baladiya.gov.qa (OR) http://www.mme.gov.qa/cui/index.dox?siteID=2 (Direct Link). You Can Access MME/Baladiya Website Through a hukoomi User ID and Password.
2) Click English or Arabic language. Then Select Engineers & Engineering Committee Option. And Then Select Registration and Follow-Up of Application Option. And Then Select Apply Option.
3) Click ‘Enrollment Engineer’ Option. Then an Uploading Page will open which will automatically guide you for the stage by stage uploading. At each stage you have to upload the Relevant Documents.
4) First, You have to Enter Your Personal Details.
5) Second, Educational Qualifications, Third, Training Program Details (Optional), then Work Experience Details ( Optional ) etc.
6) Last Step, will ask for Other Documents. There You Need to Upload Remaining Documents like Curriculum Vitae, PassPort, Individual Marksheet, Transcript (Consolidated Marksheet) etc.
7) After Click the Final Confirmation, it will generate Two Enrollment Forms (Enrollment 1 and Enrollment 2). Print this Enrollment Form and keep with you.
8) Affix Your Photo in the Generated Enrollment Form and Sign in Relevant Locations.
9) You will be receiving an SMS (with date to submit the Documents) from Baladiya to submit all Your Original Documents.
10) Go to baladiya office (Doha Municipality Building, B Ring Road) on the date mentioned and take your queue token from the Engineer registration option in the token machine and wait for your turn. (Baladiya Office) (Doha Municipality Building, B Ring Road) Location: - https://goo.gl/maps/KKNu18jkNRrXmmVp6 then submits all Your Original Documents including Enrollment Form after Uploading in a Folder Type File and asks what next. They will tell you any moment you will receive a SMS for Exam date if everything is OK.
11) Mostly, you will receive SMS within 5 to 30 days but generally they will send SMS/CALL the day before exam.
For Reference, Click this Video Link. We clearly explained Step by Step procedure to apply for UPDA Exam in Qatar.
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