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Al Amal Oncology Hospital

The state-of-the-art Al Amal Oncology Hospital offers superior quality medical treatment to cancer victims in Qatar. ocated within the Rumaillah Hospital complex in Qatar, off the Al Rayyan Road, the facility was built at a cost of QR90m. This hospital is designed to meet all the requirements of various cancer patients, including diagnosis, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgical treatment and socio-psychological care, with the best possible standards in the Gulf region and the world, he added.

The Al-Amal Hospital is operated in collaboration with the renowned University of "Heidelberg" in Germany, a prominent and inveterate organization in the field of the treatment of cancer diseases. However, Hamad Medical Corporation sets up all the policies to ensure support and enhancement of the quality of the health services provided to the patients, through the identification and determination of the vision, message, values, objectives and the mechanism of work.

The Al Amal hospital, situated with the Rumaillah Hospital Complex spreads across a surface area of about 14,000 m2. The First floor includes reception offices, outpatient, pharmacy, radio-diagnostic section and radiotherapy center. The second floor includes physician offices, administration, conference and lecture rooms, nuclear therapy unit, chemotherapy unit with 14 beds, laboratory, inpatient sections with 50 beds, bone marrow transplantation with 5 beds.

The Oncology/Hematology Center, known as the Al Amal Hospital (AAH), is a governmental facility, which is part of Hamad Medical Corporation, offering care for cancer and hematology disorders to the population in Qatar. The hospital also meets the emotional, spiritual and informational requirements of the patients and patient families.


The Al Amal Hospital offers a range of services for patients 12 years and older, such as Cancer Registry

Diagnostic Studies includes Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA), endoscopic procedures, Sentinel Node Biopsies and Laprascopy.

The Hospital conducts educational programs on various topics of oncology and hematology.

Nursing services

Nutritional services, wherein the dietician at the hospital follows up the nutritional status of the patient based on the patients needs and preferences.

Pharmacy at the hospital offers services such as reconstitution, preparation of pre-cancer and post-cancer medication, total parenteral nutrition, and IV-Admixture and Unit Dose System, and outpatient pharmacy.

Social services department takes care of discharge planning of the oncology patient.

  • Out-patient clinics
  • Radiation Oncology
  • Chemotherapy Day Care Unit
  • Bone Marrow Transplant
  • Theater
  • In-patient wards


Al Amal Oncology Hospital
Rumaillah Hospital Complex, off Al Rayyan Road

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