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Rumaillah Hospital

The Rumaillah Hospital is Qatars oldest health facility. Originally built in 1956, Rumaillah Hospital opened in 1957 as a 200-bed general hospital with ambulance services and a large outpatient facility.

Following the opening of Hamad Hospital in 1982, Rumaillah Hospital became a rehabilitation center for disabled adults, elderly people and handicapped children. With many of its units requiring major renovation, management launched a 10-year program to rebuild the facility in three phases.

The completion of the renovation program for Rumaillah Hospital in 1997 was a hallmark for the Corporation. Qatar’s oldest health care facility was refurbished into a modern yet quiet hospital offering a 306-bed facility with a spacious, clean and restful environment.

In addition to its current rehabilitative and therapeutic services, Plastic Surgery, ENT Surgery, Ophthalmology, Day Care Surgery and a Stroke Unit were added to Rumaillah. The Hospital will have seven operating theaters; a laboratory and a diagnostic imaging facility with an MRI, ultrasound and bone densitometry equipment.

Rumaillah Hospital is run by a team of experienced administrators and physicians.

With the opening of Hamad Hospital in 1982, Rumailah Hospital was renovated as a rehabilitation center for adults and children. The Children's Rehabilitation Unit cares for handicapped and developmentally disabled children.

Other services available at the Rumailah campus are:

- Opthalmology
- Dermatology
- Dental Department
- Geriatrics
- TB Treatment Unit
- Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Prosthetics/Orthotics, Special Education, Speech Therapy)
- Burns Unit/ Plastic Surgery Unit
- Pharmacy
- Outpatient Department with Health Card registration
- Social Services


Rumaillah Hospital
Al Rumaila, Off Al Istiolal Street (next to Olympic Village)
P.O. Box: 3050, Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 4393333

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