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Hamad Medical Corporation

Hamad Medical Corportation (HMC) is a premier non-profit health care provider in Doha. Established in 1979, the Corporation manages four specialized hospitals – Hamad General Hospital, Women’s Hospital, Rumailah Hospital, Psychiatric Hospital and Primary Health Care Centers.

Hamad General Hospital is one of three hospitals managed by Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), the only health care corporation in the state. The other hospitals are Rumailah Hospital, refurbished in 1977 and Women’s Hospital, opened in 1988.

Hamad General Hospital is located at Rayyan Road in the capital city of Doha and is physically connected to Women’s Hospital and by an access road to Rumailah Hospital

Throughout the 23-year existence of Hamad General Hospital, the Corporation has accumulated plenty of vital information, essential to improve therapeutic outcome and plan public education.

Growing number of international experts are visiting HMC and this indicates a greater use of overseas skills in healthcare and management. The management and staff of HMC has coped with huge increase in demand over the past 23 years and offered quality care with resources.

The corporation is offering cost-efficient hospital care with modern methods of diagnosis and state-of-the-art therapy and management. This ensures high quality health care for all.


The Hamad General Hospital extends special care to all people of Qatar through well-equipped facility at Rayyan Road. Established in 1982, the hospital has 621 beds for inpatient care, a large outpatient department offering 65 specialty clinics, an Accident and Emergency Department, five intensive care units, eight operating theatres, and a pharmacy.

Hamad General is equipped with new developments in all specialties, including modern diagnostic amenities, department of laboratory medicine and pathology and department of radiology that support all therapeutic services.

The steady rise in the number of patients seeking care at Hamad General Hospital has stimulated the expansion of services to meet the demand. Demand for specialized care is the result of continuous population growth.


Hamad Medical Corporation
P.O.Box: 3050, Off Al Rayyan Road, Opposite Lulu Center, Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 4394444 Emergency: 999

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