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Travel Insurance in Qatar

It is recommended that visitors take travel insurance when visiting Qatar for holiday or business travel. Traveling without suitable travel insurance may at times prove expensive than expected, as at times you may face situations wherein you may be required to pay medical bills in case of any emergency medical treatment, or may need to cancel your trip unexpectedly, or in cases of accidents or lost/damaged baggage.

Travel Insurance, apart from covering medical costs, also offers 24-hour assistance in case of any lost baggage anor money. Therefore, it is recommended to take some professional advice on how to choose the right expatriate health/travel insurance.

Single Trip Travel Insurance

A Single Trip Travel Insurance is recommended for people visiting Qatar on a specific holiday or a single trip. A Single trip baggage cover offered by majority of providers can cover loss of baggage, passport documents, personal items, money, and delayed baggage. You can decide whether to include baggage cover on a single trip travel insurance policy after checking your home insurance documents, as some home insurance policies cover for personal belongings when on holiday. In case you plan to involve yourselves in winter sports while on holiday, check with your insurance provider about the various sports covered under single trip travel insurance for winter sports.

Annual Travel Insurance

Annual Travel Insurance could be the right choice for people traveling to Qatar more than once a year, as such an insurance cover may save you some money. All such annual policies offer a year’s coverage with unlimited number of trips permitted to your required destinations during the year. The policy can be adjusted based on your requirement of number of days per stay, baggage cover, sports cover, or cancellation cover.

Baggage Cover

If you already have home insurance, check if you insurance policy automatically covers your personal belongings when traveling. In case such an aspect is not covered, or if you do not have home insurance, you could consider including baggage cover in your travel insurance policies. Baggage cover will protect in case of loss of baggage, delayed baggage, loss of passport documents, loss of personal cash or personal items.

Sports Cover

In case you are sure about involving yourself in some sports while on holiday, a travel insurance with sports cover could be an ideal choice. Golf players can chose golf cover option, and check with your provider if you will be insured against any damage during your games or transit, or green fees if any, in case you are unable to play. Else, if you intend to play ski or snowboard during your holiday, then you could choose the wintersports option. However, check with your provider about what is covered and what is not.

Insurance when on business visit

When visiting Qatar as an employee on business, or for attending a business meet, business insurance is a part of corporate travels. When on business visit, some providers offer additional business policies that cover the loss, theft, delay or damage of business equipment or laptops. Even business insurance covers several aspects including medical emergency, replacement colleague, loss of business documents or equipments, repatriation cover, personal liability, cancellation, personal baggage claims, lost money or document claims, and delay or mis-direction of equipment during transit.

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